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Resource: `invite`

An invite from a person to join REPP.


  "_type": "invite",
  "token": {string},
  "toEmail": {string},
  "message": {string},
  "deliveryType": {string},
  "creationDate": {date},
  "completed": {boolean},
  "id": {string},
  "_links": {object},
  "_actions": {object}


Rel Description
acceptUrl URL to be used by the invitee to accept the invitation.
self Link to the current resource.
home Link back to the root of the people api.
person Link to the person associated with the criminal check.


Global Request Parameters

These request parameters apply to all actions on this resource.

Parameter Type Location Required Description
username string path yes Username of the person doing the inviting.
token string path yes The unique generated token for the invite.

Action: get

Fetches the invite information.


If successful, a invite resource will be returned in the response body.