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People Service

The People Service provides access to a person’s profile information and can be used
run verifications as well.

IMPORTANT: The People Service is currently in beta and may change. If changes are made this documentation will be updated and all registered API Clients will be notified prior to activation of changes.

Version URI
1 (beta) https://api.myrepp.com/people


  • all: Provides access to functionality like search and registration.
  • criminalCase: A specific criminal record associated with a person’s criminal check.
  • backgroundCheck: A complete criminal background check on a person.
  • idVerification: Information about a person verified identity.
  • invites: A collection of invitations that have been sent from a person to others to join REPP.
  • invite: An invite from a person to join REPP.
  • person: Information on a person.
  • requests: A collection of requests for more information about a person.
  • request: A request for more information about a person.
  • sexualOffense: A national sexual offender check on a person.
  • shares: A collection of shared profiles made by a person.
  • share: A shared profile made by a person.